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We start our meetinga at 6:30 PM each month.  See you there and bring a friend. 

Thankfully, as election of officers are near, we are fortunate that all the major current officers have agreed to stay on for another term.

                        President            Mary Kirwan

                        Vice-President       Linda Duncan

                        Secretary           Lynn Meyer

                                 Treasurer       Lynette Clements

Thanks to all my ladies for a great job.  I couldn’t do it without their help and Support.

Mary M. Kirwan, Ladies Auxiliary President


                                                 Mary M. Kirwan, President – Ladies Auxiliary                       

Ladies Aux Officers

Welcome to Council 6189

Ladies Auxillary


Mary KIrwan, President of the Ladies Auxiliary Fraternal Year 2018-2019

"There is no smoking in the Bishop Ireton CenterA Smoking Area is provided for those who wish to smoke."

WELCOME To the Ladies Auxiliary, Council 6189


The Ladies Auxiliary Officers  for 2017-2018

President:  Mary Kirwan

Vice President:  Linda Duncan

Secretary:  Lynn Meyer

Treasurer:  Lynette Clements

Paliamentarian:  Jerri Pat MacPherson

Sunshine Lady:  Debbie Hubley

Photorgraph:  Crowning of Mary 

Crowning of Mary 

     Council Newsletter June 2019